Angela’s House “Everyday Wishes Program”

This program utilizes donations and grants to assist families by paying for medical supplies, equipment, and other support services that cannot be funded through other means.

Angela’s House works with hundreds of extraordinary children and families who have ordinary (every day), but critical needs. We conduct fundraising campaigns through a multitude of events, write grants and seek corporate support to assist us in increasing our capacity to provide our families with medical supplies, therapeutic equipment, assistive technology, home modifications, respite, counseling, advocacy, service coordination, crisis assistance, alternative medicine, special camps, and other resources for their medically fragile children that cannot be funded by other means. We work with children that unfortunately have essential equipment or supplies denied by their private insurance and/or Medicaid and need an alternative funding source to help their parents to pay for these much-needed items. It is a sad reality that many essential items are not covered or have a limit to how much will be covered by a public program. These fundraised dollars are only used when we have exhausted all other means. We receive requests every week from parents that need assistance with getting important resources for their children.

Our Foundation, the “Everyday Wishes Program,” uses our funding resources to help as many families as we can. We use this funding to both assist medically frail children that live at home with their parents as well as the children that live in one of our three specialty homes. These funds are critical as there is no other funding resource to support this type of request. We are appreciative of any assistance you can offer to support medically fragile children. Together we can work to ensure they have access to supplies, equipment, and other support services that enable them to have a better quality of life.

When an Angela’s House family needs more help, a family will speak to their service coordinator, case manager, or our intake coordinator to discuss their individual situation.

If you would like to help Angela’s House in fulfilling “Everyday Wishes” please call 631 979 2620 to volunteer or email 

Examples of some children we have assisted in the past


Adriana is an 18-month-old baby girl born with multiple congenital defects. She was born with a very large Omphalocele, whereby some of her internal organs were outside her body at birth. Learn More



Dominic is a seven-year-old boy that was born with Chromosome 5 deletion, cortical blindness, developmental delay, chronic bronchitis, seizure disorder, and neuromuscular problems. Learn More


Grace Ann

Grace is a 3-year girl who, although born premature, was born in good health. Due to an accident when she was two weeks old, she suffered a severe hypoxic event when her lungs collapsed. Learn More



Julia is a beautiful five-and-a-half-year-old girl born with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Asthma, and global developmental delays. Learn More


Samantha and Jake

Samantha and Jake are sister and brother who have been recently diagnosed with Cockayne Syndrome Type II. Their age expectancy is only between 4 and 7 years old. Samantha is 5 1/2 and Jake is 2 1/2 Learn More


Tyler Jeanne

Tyler is a 2-year-old beautiful girl that was born with an extremely rare and complex group of congenital malformations, referred to as cloacal exstrophy. She was born with her bladder and intestines Learn More



Mackenzie is a beautiful two-year-old who is full of joy and life. With the sweetest of smiles and the love of everyone she meets, she is the miracle we have always hoped for in our lives. Learn More