Julia is a beautiful five and a half year old girl born with a diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy, Asthma, and global developmental delays. She has significant visual and hearing impairments and wears a cochlear implant in her right ear. She attends the Cleary School for the Deaf and has learned enough sign language to be able to communicate with her caregivers and family. She receives physical and occupational therapies to help improve her muscle tone and strength but is unable to walk without the use of a posterior walker.

Julia has an appropriate size walker that she uses while at school which she has mastered and utilizes in the school setting. She has totally outgrown the walker she uses now at home as it has become very uncomfortable for her to use. She has to maintain a hunched over position in order to use it, therefore, she often prefers to crawl around on the floor. This has caused her some minor injuries to her knees and elbows. Having a back up walker to use at home would be very helpful to this child. She would be able to maintain an upright position and be able to get around without tiring or losing her balance. Julia loves using her walker at school as she is very outgoing, interacts with the other children, and is able to participate in some physical education activities such as kicking a ball with the use of her walker. It would be extremely beneficial for Julia to have an appropriate size walker to use at home as it would help to improve her gross motor skills as well as her independence.