Community Activities Program

The Community Activities Program offers a variety of activities designed to offer socialization and integration in the community as well as physical fitness and education. These community-based activities will integrate disabled and non-disabled individuals

Community inclusion is essential because it enriches the lives of the child and adults with developmental disabilities. It stimulates and addresses the need for human interaction. It allows people with disabilities to take advantage of the benefits other people without disabilities experience and enjoy. Being included in activities gives these individuals the opportunity to live and exist as a contributing member of the community while being valued for one’s abilities and uniqueness, regardless of disability.

Integration enables the participant to strive to learn, play and socialize in their local environment all while enjoying the benefits of an engaged life. It allows the community to understand and respect the individual with the disability, which fuels confidence and allows for future success.

The Community Activity Program is so important for the spirit and psyche of individuals with disabilities. The feeling of belonging and acceptance can only enhance their lives. These types of programs removes some of the barriers and the feeling of isolation.

These activities may include but is not limited to these few examples:
Horseback riding, swim, arts & craft, dancing, singing, acting, fishing and so much more, please call with other ideas

Eligibility Criteria

Developmentally Disabled persons. The priority for the Community Activities Program will be for Medically Fragile, Chronically Ill and Family must reside in Suffolk County

How to Apply

Call the intake coordinator at
(631) 979- 2620