• Saturday, November 14th, 2015



    Fbook bannerThe sun shone bright on Sunday, September 13th for supporters of Angela’s House.  Over 500 people lined the registration tables at 9:30am to participate in the 1st Annual 3K Applebee’s for Angela’s House Walk at the Holtsville Ecology Center.

    The participants included many of the Angela’s House children who walked and rolled along with their parents, siblings, family, friends, nurses and other supporters. A local DJ and a live acoustic performance kept the crowd dancing, even after the mile-long walk. Balloon animals made by Ellis, the Funny Man and face painters kept the children entertained and a delicious lunch provided by Applebee’s satiated everyone’s appetites.

    We walked to raise awareness about the limited options that children born and diagnosed as being medically frail, chronically ill or suffering from any type of life threatening condition(s) have as far as services available to help them when and/or if they leave the hospital.  These children have medical conditions that often require intensive nursing care, and other services that, if are available, are very fragmented and difficult to coordinate. The daunting task of home care is extremely overwhelming, especially without an agency available to coordinate the services needed to support such child at home. Until Angela’s House, there were no local specialized homes or facilities available that could care for these children and their unique needs.  The nearest facilities were often out of state, leaving families in a very difficult position – have their child in a setting where they would receive quality care and travel hours to see them, or place them in a non-age appropriate setting and have them close to home.   These voids in the system make a horrifying situation even worse.

    The crowd



  • Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

    Long Island ROCKED for Angela’s House

    Patchogue’s 89 North Music Venue was packed to capacity with  supporters, brought together to ROCK Angela’s House raising over $25,000, a volunteer event committee worked together to lead the efforts to raise support and funds in between sets. Long Island’s own music artists, Panic, 45 RPM, Beyond Fab and Wonderous Stories, ROCKED the house, keeping the attendees in great spirits, dancing, laughing and enjoying the event and one another.

    In addition, Angela’s House children and families took the stage to share their journeys and spoke about how their lives have been impacted by the work the organization does to advocate for and on behalf of their children. 

    All proceeds of this event will go towards providing the children and families of Angela’s House with the services and/or equipment that they need to provide them with the best quality of life possible.

    The incredible crowd!

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  • Monday, June 15th, 2015


    The Angela’s House Golf Outing from June 8, 2015honoree


















    We had a beautiful day for our golf outing. Our event was at Indian Hills Country Club in Northport which is a hidden gem on the water. Our honoree was Thomas LaCascia , North Shore – LIJ CareConnect Insurance Company, Inc. Thomas has been a great support to Angela’s House in our mission to assist families care for children that are medically frail.  

    The Golf was great, the food was delicious, the raffles were the best we ever had and our presentation helped us to bring a greater understand of the lives of the medically frail children and their families

  • Wednesday, April 1st, 2015

    In Memory of Jake Spadalik — his family held a Comedy Fundraiser at the Paramount

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  • Saturday, March 28th, 2015

    The Shark 94.3 and the Home Towne Tavern Fundraiser

    2015-04-03 14.20.13

  • Thursday, March 19th, 2015

    Angela’s House Gala

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  • Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

    Faces of a fun Holiday party with thanks to our sponsor Arthur Krantz “We Care for Kids”

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  • Friday, January 2nd, 2015

    My Country 96.1 FM for Angela’s House

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  • Wednesday, September 3rd, 2014

    Pace family golf outing for Angela’s House

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  • Thursday, August 7th, 2014

    Ryan Seacreast’s team helps Angela’s House

    Ryan Seacrest’s team was very generous to one of the children from our new home Angela’s House III in Stony Brook

    Seeing OneRepublic in concert is a special experience for most fans, but for one little girl, it truly was life-changing.One-Republic-1026x684

    In a video for The Giver ”First Experiences,” a 13-year-old named Torren not only sees her favorite band for the first time, but it’s her very first concert as well.

    After being confined to a hospital and nursing home for the first 12 years of her life due to a respiratory illness, Torren has only recently stepped outside … and on this special night, she’s celebrating.

    Not only does Torren get to see OneRepublic play — and watch as lead singer Ryan Tedder dedicated their song “I Lived” to their special fan — but she even gets to meet the band.

    This project is much more than us creating videos of awesome individuals experiencing something for the first time, it’s about inspiring others to give their own first experiences.

    See her video: