Wednesday DAY 4 Charity Bike Ride

Report for yesterday, Wednesday, Aug 2…
Started 7 am, Arrived at hotel 8:15 pm in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, 130 miles.
They were pulled over by a cop; not allowed to ride on Rt 30. They explained what they were doing and the cop let them go on, telling them to be careful.
Jay says a Rottweiler came out of a ladies yard in a small town and scared the hell out of him. They went from 15 miles and hour to 30 miles an hour. William says Jay was almost hit by a car, but Jay says the dog was almost hit by a car when they went out into traffic. They were doing wheelies during the adrenalin rush trying to escape the dog.
Heat is only 90 degrees, but they are going through the mountains of Pennsylvania, so it is much harder to ride.
Both are feeling great.
Stopped at a fruit stand and borrowed their hose to take a shower.
William went in a creek with his shoes and all to cool off.
Stopped at Andi’s Convenience Store in Rogers Ohio.and the owner, Andi, gave them a check for $50 and drinks.
Kimberly from Van Wert Ohio Holiday Inn Express a few days ago has become their personal travel agent. She is tracking them daily and finding the next available hotel to book a room. Now when they arrive, the employees are expecting them and greeting them, which they are really enjoying.
They are having a great time talking to the locals; stopped in a bar for iced tea.
Stopped to ask 2 elderly woman how far it was to Pennsylvania boarder. One pointed left and said 4 to 5 hours as the other woman pointed right and said 2 hours. Man stopped to help, brought out maps to help them judge distance and location. He offered them a ride in his truck. They thought it was tempting, but declined.
They are in great spirits and are happy to learn they will have a police escort with motorcycles from Huntington in Nassau County as they end their journey.
Aunt Lee