Tuesday Day 3 Charity Bike Ride

Tuesday, Day 3

William called with the following report:

They left at 6 am and ended in Mansfield, Ohio at 7 pm, traveling 125 miles.
Heat is horrible.
They had a bad night’s sleep. Air conditioning wasn’t working. They were sweating in their beds.
No flats today.
No leg cramps today.
William said, “My butt is on fire!”
He has a wicked rash and has put “every medication known to man” on it.
Jay is doing well, and is feeling much better than William.
They stopped to get new tubes and new tires. William says his are now “bullet proof”. He told the store clerk he didn’t want any more flats. He guaranteed William there would be no more flats. We’ll see…
William drove 3 miles before realizing he left his gloves on the counter at the bike store. Jay asked him if they should go back for them. William said no and assured Jay that the woman at the counter would bring them to him. He told her the direction they were heading. Sure enough, 10 minutes later, she drove up honking the horn and waving the gloves out the window. They made many stops today and stayed hydrated.
They got to the hotel and, as usual, William’s cloud followed him. There was a water main break and the pool was empty.
I asked if he wanted to turn back. He said, “Hell no!”

Stay tuned!
Aunt Lee