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    Angela’s House offers programs and supports and will coordinate services to families who need care for their medically frail children at home. For children who cannot be cared for at home, Angela’s House I, II and III are specially designed homes that provide a warm environment with 24-hour nursing care to accommodate the children’s complex medical and physical needs.

    Angelas-House-Spring-2016-Final-50Testimony from Johnny’s Mom

    Angela’s House and what it means to me.

    I was a young mother of four when my youngest child Johnny’s medical condition changed when he required a tracheotomy and a feeding tube. Up until Johnny was nearly 5 (1998) he lived at home. With his medical needs growing I was unable to care for him at home with us all.
    Through what I would consider to be divine intervention, I was put in contact with Bob Policastro, a man and his family that had been through what my family was going through. Bob and his wife Angie have been working tirelessly to have a home built for children that their medical needs were too great for families to care for their child at home but whose family is on Long Island. It was an additional two year wait for the house to be built but it was built and that meant my son would be on Long Island with his family and it meant a shorter distance to drive for a visit.
    Johnny spent nearly 16 years at Angela’s House and during that time he has received excellent medical care and a tremendous amount of LOVE. The wonderful nurses and aides tirelessly provided Johnny with kisses, hugs and jokes. Johnny rewarded them with the simplest of gestures…his smile.
    Over the years my children and myself considered everyone at Angela’s House a second family to us. Johnny had additional brothers and sisters along with the staff that became his second moms. We were truly blessed and fortunate to have this special place for Johnny.

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    Donations can be sent to:
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    Angela’s House is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; your gift is tax deductible to the full extent of the law.

    Please make checks out to: “Angela’s House”

    Angela’s House uses public programs, grants and donations to assist families caring for their children with special health care needs that are medically fragile, chronically ill or living with a life threatening illness. Your donations and assistance with fundraising allows us to ease the financial burdens our families experience with the day-to-day care of these children. These funds are very important especially for children who need help right away but often must wait months to get assistance through public programs. These funds are used to purchase medical supplies, medical care, therapeutic equipment, and other items not covered by insurance. Below are a few of the families and children we assist in our programs.


    Donations in Memory of
    Philip Bonvino
    Rose Gulielmo
    Eric Yablonski
    Peter Tumminello
    Graham Gurcan
    Bonnie Farrell
    Andrew Baierlein
    Dominic Capone
    Katelyn Hesselberg
    Zach Cashin
    Brandon LeMaire
    Antonella DiGiovanni
    Jake Spadalik
    Evan Dragan
    Samantha Jo Lazzazaro
    Angela Policastro
    Angela Lombardo
    Abigail Rose Peyman
    Emma Nelson
    John McGrath
    Nicolas Alfiero-Rosario
    Zack Merlin

    In Lieu of Gifts
    Morrone’s 40th Wedding Anniversary
    Brooks Hallahan’s Christening 

    Donations in Honor of
    Mackenzie Borchers
    Ethan Leest
    Caroline Serva
    Grace Feeney
    Isabella Viola
    Gina DiMartino
    Oliver Miller Wilhel
    Otto Warnke
    James Getters
    Margaret Kenney
    Anthony Olivero
    Michele Felline
    Reuben Brewer
    Adam Shapiro
    Stephanie Belli
    Angel Jasmine Hollins
    Diana Corte
    Andrew Berliner
    Elaine Pagano
    Ed Tompkins
    Billy Christiansen
    Ronald Richards NYPD
    Philomenia Lampone
    An Ferdinand Casares

    In Lieu of Flowers
    Samantha Lazzaro
    Johnny Boutin
    Lorraine Bonnett

    Planned Gifts

    For information on making a Planned Gift, please contact Angela’s House so that we may assist you. Gift opportunities include: Bequests, Life Insurance, Real Estate, Stock, Trusts and Wills.

    Message from the Executive Director Bob Policastro

    bob-policastroI am often asked – “How do [we] handle the many tragic things [we] see with regards to the children we assist?” It is a good question and so simple for me to answer. I think back to when my wife and I were faced with our own challenges with our daughter; we did all we could to love her and give her the best we could. While we may not have the breakthrough technology to cure or heal the medically fragile children we assist, we can work with the children and their parents to give the children the best quality of life possible. On the cover you read about Johnny and his journey with us, in his mom’s own words. While we knew we were incapable of changing his medical condition, we could (and did) give him the life that he deserved. We also do our best to extend love and compassion and give peace to his family and other families who have lost a child. It is painful to see a child pass; we can only hope that the parents find the peace they so very much deserve. We are so immensely proud of our staff and the quality of care that our children receive. We know that like Johnny, there are so many children and families that are benefitting from our existence. But, there is some uncertainty. There is an important issue we are currently being faced with. New York State is continuing to redesign the Medicaid service delivery system. We do not know the long term ramification(s) but we do see problems now. We do not have a new home in the works due to a lack of funding to support it, not a lack of need. Our medically fragile children, who age out of our program(s), have no residential alternatives to support them. This is a huge issue and dilemma for us. The pressure soon will be to move our children into managed Medicaid programs which we feel is based on limiting services. We are concerned about changes to our work with the coordination of care. Unfortunately, all of these changes equate to cuts within our support network. It is for these reasons that your support is more important than ever before. We know that we are so lucky to have such wonderful friends and supporters. We mean it so sincerely when we say we could not do what we do and help who we help without you. So, again, thank you so much for your generosity! 

    angel-of-hopeSave the Date: Angel of Hope Candlelight Vigil

    December 3rd, 2016 – 4:00 PM at Eisenhower Park

    For all families that have lost a child.

    Thanks to Our Supporters


    Recent Events

    My Country Cares for Angela’s House

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    My Country 96.1FM, a JVC Broadcasting Station, held its 5th annual all-day Radio-thon fundraiser, which included on-air donations, on-air auctions and an ebay auction for Angela’s House. DJs Phathead and Bill Powers interviewed children and parents that visited the studio during the event.  


    Eat & Greet with NY Mets & Long Island’s own Steven Matz


    Serva Family  Angela’s House Golf Outing 



    For more information, sponsorships or to register online, visit www.angelashouse.org or call Johanna Rotta at 631-796-2723 or email jrotta@angelashouse.org. Visit and like our Angela’s House Facebook page for all current information!