Smithtown Messenger: Hauppauge Helping Hands Funding Donations

Dear Bob:

The Hauppauge Helping Hands (HHH), designed as a Hauppauge Soccer Tournament, was started to raise funds to be used for Hauppauge residents in need of help, primarily due to serious medical or other family difficulties. We have helped our Hauppauge neighbors since the first HHH Soccer Tournament was held in October 1982, with initial donations going to the Harry Harstell Fund. With closing of the HHH, the fund has now donated almost $250,000 for its intended charitable purposes.In previous years we have helped many cancer patients, including a 6th grader and a 3 year old child, a senior citizen amputee patient, a heart transplant patient, a Lupus patient, a wheel chair victim of an auto accident, and many, many, others. Years ago we helped a Hauppauge mother who had cancer, with Memorial Sloan Kettering bills of more than $46,000. We have made donations for children who lost a parent in the 9/11 disaster.

In the past few years, we have helped a school child who needed a hairpiece from Locks of Love because of a medical problem, contributed to the Reale Children Trust, and the Chiuchiolo Fund. Our last contributions were made to the Tyler Jeanne Outreach, a 2 year old girl born with an extremely rare and complex group of congenital malformations and to a school district’s five Care and Share programs.

The stated mission of ATDC/Angela’s House to assist children with severe disabilities or medical conditions and their families aligns with the goal of HHH. We are, therefore, pleased to make a donation to assist your ongoing work in our community. Enclosed is our check for forty thousand dollars ($40,000). We would like to designate $15,000 of this to be used primarily for children and families of the Hauppauge/Smithtown community with the remaining amount available for unrestricted use in your existing and future programs. Thank you for providing such a valuable resource for residents in our area.

We wish you continued success in the future.


Present co-Chairman
Larry Turf
Terry Moore