Neighbor Newspapers: Filling Angela’s House with Love

It is not only the school’s students that the student government at Forest Brook Elementary School works to serve. Throughout the school year the organization also participates in a wide range of services to help members of the community.

If you’ve ever driven down Brookside Drive in Smithtown, then you are sure to have passed Angela’s House, a residential home for mentally and physically fragile children. Through a strong partnership that has developed between the organization and the school over the years, the members of the student government have been able to participate in the service activities that give back this organization.

Not long after the names of this year’s student government officers were announced, the group, accompanied by their advisors and principal, walked to Angela’s House to help beautify the grounds and bring a little sunshine to its residents. Equipped with rakes and trash bags, the students quickly got to work and picked up the fallen leaves that scattered the lawn. Additionally, in an effort to help bring some cheer to the children living in Angela’s House, the students also purchased and decorated colorful birdhouses and sun catchers each of which was proudly displayed throughout the grounds and in the windows in the large living room space.

“Our relationship with Angela’s House has grown and developed throughout the years,” stated Student Government Advisor Ferne Engelberg. “The students become more and more excited each year when it comes time for our annual visit. They are excited not only about the project, but also about helping out members of their local community.”