Monday Day 2 of the Charity Bike Ride

William and Jay started at 6am on July 31st. One mile into the trip William got a flat. 100 miles into the trip william had another flat. William had a third flat 103.5 miles. He road the next 1/2 mile to the hotel, too tired to change it. The Hotel had no rooms available. They were sent across the road to another hotel. Rooms had not been rented in a year and when they opened the door , it was like a sauna. Fortunately they talked the person from the first hotel into letting them use the pool and the internet. During the afternoon, they ran out of water. They stopped at a truck stop and the guy let them cool off and get cold water. The average temperature was 100 degrees with trucks whizzing by them. No leg cramps today but ” butts are sore” The actual riding time was 7 hours plus another 3 hours for breaks and changing tires. They are really wiped out today