• High School Students help Angela’s House

    Book-in-a-Day is a high school literacy program that encourages engaged reading and writing through student-run book publication. This year two books were written by students “Purple Converse” and “Secrets Are Spoiled by People who Whisper Too Loud”. Some of the proceeds of the sale of the book will go to Angela’s House.

    One of the students wrote a poem I would like to share with you. Her words say it best

    From the book Purple Converse
    Step Into the Poems of Hauppauge High School Students

    ****************** Untitled **********************

    I see a little girl with a big heart and intelligent mind.
    She wakes up every morning and goes trough her
    daily routine like everyone else. She goes to class
    and listens to the soft voices of her teachers. She
    absorbs what she hears and is fascinated with what
    she learns. She goes home to a loving family. So
    why is she treated differently? It’s so wrong.

    I see a little girl who is judged by the rest of
    society. I walk the halls of my school and hear the
    comments made about people ‘like her.” I walk
    the streets and see those who are different sitting in
    their own world, all alone. They are discriminated
    against. they are seen like the hunchback of Notre
    Dame and expected to stay hidden in their towers.
    others think they’re dull and dim, but people like
    this young girl are far from that. Is it really that
    horrible to be unlike everyone else, to take the cards
    life dealt you and play them your own way? No.

    I see a little girl who takes on the world like a brave
    warrior. She keeps confidence and courage close to
    her heart. She is unique. She is special. She’s a clever
    fox who never runs out of ideas. She’s imaginative
    and full of happiness. She is too young to see how
    some people treat her. innocence and ignorance
    aren’t so bad sometimes. She’s my family’s precious
    angel: we have to protect her. I see a girl who has
    Down Syndrome, and she means the world to me.

    Alexa Lacagnina