Friday Day 6 of Charity Bike Ride

Friday Aug 4 Today they rode 140 miles. They left the hotel at 6:30 am and arrived at Selinsgrove, PA.Here are the highlights:-Jay got a flat tire at the hotel first thing this morning.-200 yards later, he got another flat.Weather was wonderful. they had a light drizzle for the first 3 hours that was very cool and enjoyable.-folks told them to use a 17 mile bike trail at the old railroad track that had been blasted through the mountains. it ran along a river and was gorgeous.-they stopped for a second breakfast at a restaurant that served your choice of breakfast or pizza. william had pizza, and jay had breakfast.-today they did not sweat. it was such a difference to ride while not dripping.-at one restaurant they met a young waitress named Khristi McCarl in Allensville, PA. the town has 350 people living in it, so jay asked her what she did for fun in such a small town. She replied that she won the ‘Catching a greased pig contest at the Fireman’s Festival and got her picture in the paper. Jay didn’t believe her, so she went home and came back with the newspaper article and let him keep it.-They rode through Amish country and came upon a man riding a buggy drawn by his horse. William convinced jay to race the buggy. Jay beat him going down hill, but the Amish man got it in high gear and passed Jay on the way up hill. Jay yelled over to him, “I almost had you!” The man laughed and went on his way.-They rode the last half hour in the dark at 23 mph.-They hope to ride 150 miles tomorrow and 100 Sunday to wrap it up. They are in great spirits and looking forward to the finish line.Aunt Lee