Forest Brook kids give back

Seventeen fifth grade boys give back to their community at Forest Brook Elementary School.
As I walked into the Forest Brook Elementary School as a substitute one day, I got a great feeling of warmth and respect from all the teachers and students. On my lunch break I went into the cafeteria and overheard some boys talking about the money they collected from spare change well over $100.00. I asked what they were doing with the money and they said, they were savings all their left over change from lunch and putting it into a bag and giving it to a charity at the end of the year. Their charity is Angela’s House. These boys are 10-11 years old and in 5th grade. I thought something as wonderful as this task, should not go unrecognized. Dr. Michael, the school principal, teaches the children at Forest Brook respect, responsibility and citizenship on a daily basis. It really shows!
We are all proud of the children at the Forest Brook School.
The fifth graders that participated are: Richard C, Joe S, Joey S, Anthony T, Michael S, Michael C, Michael B, Luke F, Ricky P, Marcus B, Dan M, Alex B, P.J. C, Tyler S, Kyle K, Nick S and Nick C.
parent -Donna Cotsalas