Fishing Fundraiser

Sailing from Captree State Park on the charter boat Fishtale

The day started with rain, but Captain Chris Altbacker of the charter boat Fishtale,, felt it was safe for us to go out on the water to fish. Chris and his crew did everything they could to accommodate all of our guests. We were fortunate to have 60 people join us for our fishing fundraiser despite the rain. The lines were busy jumping with fish. This was our 3rd annual fishing fundraiser which would not be possible without the generous help of Captain Chris and his wife Liz, who donate the cost of the fishing trip to help us raise money. Chris and Liz know firsthand as they have a medically frail child.

We left the dock at 4pm and went into the mouth of the bay to find our first fishing spot. The fishing trip is a great way to have fun and to help medically frail children at the same time. We were glad to see the rain did not affect everyone from having a great time fishing. We caught a lot of fish and when we were not fishing, we were eating some great food catered from Elegant Eating in Smithtown. The gourmet sandwich platter was delicious. Captain Chris and his crew did a great job keeping everyone happy. It was great to see the smile of one of the children, Alex, as he caught the largest fish of the day. Seeing the joy of Alex with his smile was the highlight of the day.