Day 8 of the bike ride

Day 8
They left at 6 am and rode 98 miles. They made it to Ft. Lee by the George Washington Bridge. The roads were really bad and they were almost hit a few times. William says they have 9 lives and 7 are used up already. William had some sort of incident with one driver, but I guess he’ll fill us in on those details at the party tomorrow. They want to give a special thanks to Peter Walsh of Coogan’s Restaurant on 168th and Broadway. He bought them dinner, which was much appreciated. Peter has always been very supportive of the Track Community. Also special thanks to the Running School that escorted them to Jim Warden, the “Stretch Guru”. He will be working on William and Jay tonight at the gym. Tomorrow they will have a police escort from county to county, They are taking the George Washington Bridge to Broadway, to 59th Street, to Queens Blvd, to Jerico Turnpike, to 347, back to Jerico and into the awaiting fans.
See you tomorrow at the party!
Celebration Party Saturday July 28th , Jay and William should be getting to McCarthy’s Pub in Centereach by 1pm. There will be several tents, a band, food, T shirts, raffles and exciting finish to this brave quest by these two special men.

McCarthy’s Pub. 2582 Middle Country Road. Centereach, NY 11720.