Day 4 bike ride

The guys slept late and didn’t get on the road until 7 am. William had a difficult time staying asleep last night. He had to take Tylenol PM to make sure he sleeps tonight. They rode 122 miles today and ended up at the Microtel in Shallotte, North Carolina. They were on a very busy road all day and only had 5 inches of road to ride on for the bike path. They had to ride in the middle lane of a three lane highway part of the time and had people blowing horns at them. William’s legs are much better. The problem now is Jay’s severe sunburn. He decided to use 50 sun block, as he is a nice shade of purple. Jay says his butt is sore, but not as bad as last year. They are not quite half way and they think they are on schedule. They’ll know more once they reach Virginia. It was a quiet day since they had to ride single file; they didn’t talk much. They went through Myrtle Beach. William forgot to mention two flats so far. Other than that, everything is ok.