Day 3 Bike Ride

Panic is setting in on Jay’s part. He’s worried that they won’t make it back in time. William, of course, is the ultimate optimist. William uses phrases like “I’m dying” and “My legs are shot”, but he continues to confidently state that Jay worries too much and there’s “no problem…we’ll be there on time.” William says his 8 days of training was simply not enough. His legs are still hurting, but not as badly as yesterday. Jay is fine. Today started in the dark at 5:30 am. The bridges were beautiful; however, they hit a bad section of Rt 17 where nothing was seen but two strip clubs. They worried that the drunken crowd who still partied at 5:30 am might accidentally run them over on their way out. Jay, on the other hand, almost hit a girl who was walking on the bike path as he cruised over a bridge going 30 mph. They met a man in a hamburger restaurant who stated the road ahead was really bad and “lots of people get killed there…but it’s a great thing you’re doing!” William said, “Gee thanks.” Nothing like a little encouragement. William says Jay is aggravated with him for dragging behind. The wind was on their face all day again today. They have to push up the daily mileage for the rest of the trip. They went 117 miles today and ended in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina at the Hampton Inn. They are no longer sure they are on schedule, but will be studying the map tonight. Both are in good spirits over all. William said he may have to check on the Greyhound bus schedule.