Day 2 – Bike Rides

“No Legs Willie” just phoned in with today’s report. His legs are shot and he has no power…totally shot, he repeats. William needs more carbs tonight. They were up at 5 am and had breakfast at 5:30 am. On the road at 6 am in a cool, dark morning. The first 40-50 miles were good. Scenery included a wild bore crossing the street in front of them with 8 babies following behind. It was overcast all day and the wind was uncomfortably always on their face. They arrived in Savannah, which William says is just beautiful. So beautiful, that he insisted they see it by bicycle. Not William’s bike. Not Jay’s bike. But a tourist bicycle peddled by a guide. Jay wanted to walk, but William convinced him they should try this and someone else should peddle for awhile. So they saw the sight’s of Savannah with one guide peddling the two of them around town. They are now at the Econo Lodge. William is soaking in an Epsom bath to be followed by an ice bath. Jay is fine. They remain on Rt 17, which is a beautiful clean bike road. They are on schedule. Day Two was 120 miles.