Charity Bike Ride Starts Sunday July 30th

William Iaia ( Black and red shirt) and Jay D’Agostino ( Wheaties top) begin the 900 mile charity bike ride from Chicago to Long Island NY. This effort was done to help raise money and bring awareness for children with special health care needs that are medically frail, chronically ill or living with a life threatening illness. These children are in our community , in our hospitals and some in our special homes “Angela’s House”. We are very proud of these two special men who selflessly are giving all they have for these Children.

The night before they started each of their $200 Computers for the bikes that monitor their data malfunctioned. A half hour before the store closed they ran out to buy new ones.

William called 3:30CST
*off to tough start
*Made it to Plymouth Indiana,45 Miles west of Ft Wayne
*heat is awful
*Both William and Jay have bad leg cramps
*Had to pull over and lay down on the grass due t the heat for about 15 minutes and fell asleep for a bit
*74 miles into the trip william hit a rock at 20 MPH and had a blow out.
*stopped to replace tire
*Changed course and no longer on rte ^ due to high crime area, now traveling on rte 30
*Did a total of 94 miles and stopped in ahotel. At the pool and later to dinner and bed
asked if they will quit—– William sad NO WAY!