Bike ride day six

They had an excellent day today and traveled 171 miles! They left at 4:45 am and got to Timmy’s house at 8:30 pm They were greeted with a visit from Taryn from Gold’s Gym in Virginia Beach who donated free massages to Jay and William. William says her arm’s were bigger than William’s legs, although he laughed when he said it. But he adds, “She was cute.” She was great and they really appreciated it since they had a lot of bridges to travel over today. William’s quads were really hurting. The weather was great and they got more sunburn. They sat down on a woman’s lawn in the shade and she brought Gator Aid and water. They have 2 days to get to the George Washington Bridge. They only sent one picture tonight, but it sort of says it all, don’t you think? Jay’s wife and William’s wife had dinner tonight. Only a couple more days of peace and quiet before they return home.