Bike Ride Day One –

August 6, 2008

They left at 6 am and the day was cloudy and overcast all day; a perfect riding day. They came through customs and then took Rt 5 and Rt 20. Many thanks to Bart and Jen who met them at the Rainbow Bridge Niagara Falls this morning. Bart and Jen, along with family and friends formed a welcoming committee, complete with signs and greeted them 75 miles down the road for lunch in Lima. Many thanks also to Fire Commissioner Frank Rudilosso of Centerreach who confirmed that the fire trucks will fly the American Flag over the roadway on Sunday when they arrive at 1 pm. William and Jay arrived at the Holiday Inn in Waterloo, NY after stopping in Geneva to sold out motel rooms.They had dinner and a restful evening. Jay likes his new shoes. They traveled 128 miles today