A Night for a Cure

November 18, 2010 was a night to remember. The event was hosted by the historic Oheka Castle. They did an amazing job keeping our guest happy. We had over 200 guest there to support childhood diseases and disorders. The night started with the cocktail party in the main ballroom. We had a Chinese auction with over 100 baskets and prizes. We had students from the chamber orchestra that played beautiful back ground music. The stunning Library was setup with information for each disease. This is important so that our guest could learn more about each disease. The outreach and awareness is very important so that these rare childhood diseases can be recognized and hopefully funded to help find a cure. We had 20 student volunteers that met and escorted guest into the castle, helped with checking in, photography, serving food, selling raffles and doing a presentation. Our MC for the night was CBS sports announcer Sam Ryan. The presentation that was done by the students went very  well. They spoke about the New York Legislators that created  a resolution of having November 2010 being Childhood disease awareness month. This was a great accomplishment to the help the children we are trying to create awareness for. We had a great moment when one of the students  Joe who has Ocular Albinism who elegantly spoke about how he has not allowed this disorder to get the best of him. He spoke about concoring the obstacles and being happy with what he has accomplished. He did an amazing  job. We also had Suffolk Count Executive Steve Levy visit and speak to our guest thanking them for the support they gave Angela’s House to make this night a success.