2008 Bike Ride

The Bike Ride Blog begins:

Monday August 4,

William and Jay prepared to travel to Niagara Falls from Long Island. Bill was at his house boxing up the bike in a suitcase. He said they plan to ride 115 miles a day and would be traveling lighter this time. When asked what was the most important thing to pack besides the bike, he said his energy and nutrition packs. He was in great spirits and looking forward to the trip. William is in great shape, lost 20 lbs, and commented that there would be many hills on this route. They would get up at 4 am for the 6 am flight to Buffalo, New York.

Jay was in an accident on June 21 on a ride from Manhattan to Montauk. He was hit from behind and thrown off his bike. His bike was crushed under a truck. He walked away with bruises and no one was seriously hurt. Many thanks for his helmet. He was given a new bike and the store offered to pack it for his trip, so he spent yesterday getting ready. He lost 14 lbs preparing and is in great shape. Jay said they are more prepared than ever before. He said they would eat lightly 4 times a day rather than the full lunches they have done previously. When asked what the most important thing he would pack besides his bike, he couldn’t think of anything.

Tuesday August 5th

At 11:51 am William sent a text message: “OK. Made it to Buffalo/Niagara Falls. Now looking for a bike shop. Jay forgot his shoes.” And so it begins….